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About Kemi Nahal (Deer-Spirit)

Rev. Kemi Nahal is a Light - Spiritual Anointed Singer-Song Writer of The Most High GOD.

       She is a Performing Artist and a Composer, a Pianist, a Chanter and a Cantor.      She is a Writer of Spiritual and enchanted & esoteric Stories for Children of all ages - Her Original  books are in  process of being published are 'The Bridge Of LIGHT", "Conversation With A Rose", " Silence of the Flame", "And The Ocean Spoke", "I talk to the Universe",  "Memories of A Unicorn", "Athema" ,  and more.. 

She is a Master Healer of Holistic Modalities such as Reiki, Magnified Healing, Healing with the Rays of Light, Healing With Angels, Healing Past Lives, Music Therapist & more,. 

She is a Visionary... Inspired by The Angelic Realms Of GOD..  

and a single mom of 2 wonderful children.
 She is a Leader of Meditations a Spiritual Guide,  an Intuitive Reader and a Spiritual Counselor and a Lecturer on Esoteric Topics..



Born and raised in Israel. Kemi Nahal started to play the Classics Piano from the Age of 4, and studied  Classic Piano for 12 years at the 'SHOR' music school. When she became a teenager she' to Jazz piano and studied with Professor Ztvi Karen in Tel Aviv
the age of 20 she studied with PISI OSHEROVITZ at Studio 28 Piano jazz for over 5 years and Vocal Training for over 10 years with a great Opera Tenor MR. ANTONIO COHANOV and a very known Soprano Singer who sang with Placido Domingo Mrs.  JUDITH TAYLOR ALEXANDROVITZ. when later Kemi graduated the Academy of Music  - RIMON' near Tel-Aviv.
She produced and released her original 11 music CD and in the midst of recording her 3 new CDS and about to release her 2 new books with a Rose" and "The Bridge of LIght".
She reside in NY and performing and doing her Spiritual work all at service to GOD.. Expending the Light Of GOD.. and Touching peoples and Heart with her God Given GIfts.. to help people heal and open their heart to GOD..

My Walk with The Lord - Y H W H - El SHADAI

"I love the Lord... I owe it all My Lord.. The Lord -My GOD who created me and Gave me My Life.. and breathes  into  His Holy Breath of Life.. and Live.. me each day .. Each Breath I take.. Its Of him.. Because of Him.. In Him..  There is Nothing But Him...  I love My Lord.. My GOD.. He Is Merciful and  The Most Loving GOD.. He Longs for me to come to him.. (and To You Too.,,) to talk..  to Listen.. to express our Gratitude and Love to him.. 
I come to him countless times thought out the day..  Even as I write this words that you are reading.. I ask to GOD to be the Voice. that carry me on and write these lines.. to express which is in my heart and soul.. and most of all which is In Him.. that want to be heard and reach out.. to you.. to your heart.. with no boundaries, with no fear.. Just LOVE.. nothing but LOVE.. for GOD is is LOVE.. GOD is Loving.. GOD Sees Us with His Heart...  Think How Jesus could say to GOD -"Father FOrgive them For they didn't know any better"???
Only through LOVE Our Heart can Heal and Open to Love .. There is nothing But LOVE... 
In one of my songs I wrote to God  and my Loving Man of My Life.. called "GOD KNOWS THE WAY"   that I am listening  now.. The words goes like this: 
"I Guess GOD Knows The Way..  Let GOD To Show you the way... GOD'S Knows The way..
He Shows me nothing to fear, There's nothing to worry about..
He knows the Way. he is always with me... 
"I love the way I feel In Your Arms Lord Arms..  It feels like heaven.. To be with GOD..  
I just love to Be free - Free to be who I am.. I surrender to You Lord..  It feels so good to be in your arms.. When you hold me Close.. It feels so good  Lord..  I know I am loved and safe..
You are everything Lord.. Your love is Endless little Kisses of  Rain of Light.. 
I am bathed in Your Love.. Lord.. It feels so Good to be in your arms.. I love you Lord..
The energy flows between us Eternally..  GOD made it this way.. and I love our Lord..  I guess GOD knows The WAY" ../Kemi Nahal


For booking Shows, Gigs, Ceremonies, Interviews, Lectures, Meditators. Healing and Counseling Sessions both private and groups Sessions., and for more information-
Call - 631-575-8266
Rev. Kemi Nahal  P.O. Box 433, Bay Shore, NY, 11706
You can Check Rev. Kemi Nahal's another websites-
Watch Kemi Nahal Live performances on YOUTUBE.COM/OMLIGHTSINGER

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