The Angels' Flight / The Voice Of GOD


    Great  Loving Saint OF GOD  

    Pure Love and service to GOD..  LIGHT  Master Healer of The Most High GOD.

Light Beings and Angels.. Masters and Spirit Guides of GOD.. all around... 

I Had the privilege to attend the Spiritual Healing Retreat with John Of GOD in the Omega Institute upstate NY.. in 9/2011 - An Event that Changed my Life.
I wrote a song for John Of GOD called -  "How Wonderful are the Hands of the Healer that Healed my Heart..."   
I held and Kissed  the Hands of JOHN OF GOD...  I set by John Of GOD'SCurrent.. My heart opened wide. with overflowing Joy.. I felt Love like never before... "Oh Glory Heavenly Father, How Wonderful are The Hands of The Healer that Healed my Heart..."/Kemi Nahal

 JOHN of GOD is a Pure RUBY Essence.. A Fountain Of LOVE and LIGHT.../Kemi Nahal
                            Thank You GOD.. for JOHN OF GOD!
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