The Angels' Flight / The Voice Of GOD


               Rev. Kemi Nahal (Deer-Spirit-Star) 
Keeper Of The Flame" 
                  A Light Singer Of  The Most High GOD 

The Light Travels through Time and Space...  we are Spiritual Being having an earthly experience.. shall we care to be as we meant to be - as God created us.. Divine.. Angelic..  Sublime..  as God created us in His Image.. as we travel we meet many faces.. some care to show us the way.. some dared to misslead us.. and very few.. have been there.. and left a Trail of Light for us to follow.. to find our way back.. to God...

"It is a journey.. - we are born far away from Home..  we sometimes get lost on the way.. and The Angels of the Lord.. who are always with us.. Lift our Spirit up.. and Guide us.. to keep going.. moving ahead.. moving upward.. going inward..  for the Journey is Inward..  where GOD planted our Hidden Treasure.. we learn to let go and forgive others.. we come to GOD for our healing and help.. In his Bosom we place our head.. and cry.."Father, who art in Heavens... Hollowed be thy name.. Thy kingdom come.. thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.." and we feel God's presence.. and his eternal Love and kindness.. for he knows our hear.. he that made and created us and our soul.. he that every morning bring our soul back to our body and keep us breathing.. and growing.. and LIVING... by His LIGHT.. OH Glory to our GOD.. WHo is so Merciful.. and kind.. whose heart and Love is more precious than any Gem.. 

GOD comes.. and touches our inner being.. fills it up with his Light.. we feel peace.. we connect to our inner knowing..  we know.. God takes us to the wilderness.. so he can talk to us.. and tell us our mission and task.. to help him.. to bring his Truth and Light forward..  Oh GLORY.. GLORY TO GOD.. there is Nothing but GOD.. no man can makes us feel the way GOD can..
GOd looks at us through his heart..  through his Light.. endless love.. infinite Light of GOD..

In my own life.. through my Journey I was born and raised as a Jew.. I always questioned 'What does it means to be a Jew? a real Jew?..   Jesus came to me on the shores of Tel Aviv.. I loved Jesus since I was a kid.. no one told me anything about Jesus.. I was born and raised as an Israeli Jew where you couldn't say the word Jesus.. But I loved Jesus.. I had (still have) posters of 'Jesus super star"  the movie on my closet.. it is still there.. something about Jesus..   I just Love him.. as I learned more and more.. I faced the 'Walls of Lies" .. God helped me to break through those walls.. I wondered Why the Jew don't acknowledge Jesus as the son of the Living GOD? IT IS ALL OVER THE OLD TESTIMONY, IT IS IN BOOK OF PSALMS.. ISAIAH.. SONG OF SOLOMON...THROUGH OUT THE STORY LINE OF THE BIBLE.. FORM GENESIS..  IT ALL LEADS TO JESUS.. AND HIS PURPOSE..  WHY DO JEWISH PEOPLE HAD TO COVER UP AND DIDN'T ALLOWED PEOPLE TO READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF ISAIAH AND SEE AND KNOW THAT IT IS ABOUT JESUS?
Jesus came to me in different place..  I asked and prayed to know his true way.. no what 'man made' out of Jesus.. or out of Judaism or out of Christianity.. or any other Religions.. (they are all of GOD and expression of GOD). 
God sent me the Best Teachers and Masters to know his way..  I am very blessed and great full for all that God has done and doing in my life.. I Hold on on GOD.. He is the Way.. The Only Way..  there is no other than GOD.. "Who gives me each day the Supreme Gift Of Life and Consciousness"/Leo
(Leo Is my GOD sent  Spiritual Teacher that taught me the greatest Truths I know.. who gave me means and ways.. and showed and shows me HOW..
I am so greatfull for Leo and his great great WAY of teaching.. and for all the gifts that GOD gives me each day - Thank you GOD, I Love you GOD.. I love you LEO.. I LOVE YOU JESUS - as Leo calls Jesus - "Prince of Ruby"..  only the Love of GOD.. can shine the LIGHT of GOD..
Jesus is the Light.. the Truth.. the WAY.. and the Life..  as GOD making and molding me to be 'The Bridge of light... to be the voice of GOD...His Light.. his Love.. His Bridge.. His VOICE...." and I am.. at his service.. wanting to cause.. wanting to be.. to expend his Light through my GODLY gift of Music.. and all at service to Him.. GLory Glory.. to my Lord and savior.. JESUS CHRIST. (The True Jesus Christ.. the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD.. THE LIGHT OF ALL LIGHT)./ Rev. Kemi Nahal (Deer-Spirit)


The Hour Of Hope - 6-7PM 
"No matter where you are or what is Your Religion -
We Invite You To Please Join Us to this Hour of Hope 
Prayer For Healing,  Peace for The Earth and the Human Race

You can choose to follow this Simple Light Meditation
Bring the Light of the Divine to you and surround your self with The Light  Of GOD, FIll up you Heart with The Love Of GOD.. Feel GOD'S Love within Your Heart,. let Your Heart Gently Open to the Love and Light.. Of Our Most High GOD..  as The light of God pouring on you as Gentle Rain Of LIght.. Breath in the light.. let go of the Rush of the Day.. Inhale the Light.. Slowly and Gently connect deeper and immerse your self in GOD"S Holy and Loving Presence.. reach from within  your Inner Life..
and Expand the Light Of GOD all around you..
Feel Peace and Love and send it to your love ones and to the Earth.. Knowing that GOD is Love..
GOD is our source of our Light.. and exitence..
GOD gave us this Life to Live and make the most out of it and all at service to Him... with Him... In Him..
God created us in His Image..
Walk Tall and in Sacred Manners..
We are Spiritual Beings having an Earthy experience..
We are here to Help and Serve GOD.
Dream of Peace.. Dream Of GOD.. I think God Is The Most Amazing and Inspiring Dreamer.. I know God Dreamed and Dreams and think about you and me.. GOD Loves us Dearly..  Pray for Healing.. Forgive those who hurt you..
Rise above it and see  that they were or still are in Pain.. let go.. Pray for thier healing.. remember Healing and Peace starts form Within...
The Heavens are watching us all the Time..
Be kind and Bring Peace  wherever you go..
'Leave a Trail of Light behind you, 
for others to find their Way'"/ Rev. Kemi Nahal

Kemi took this picture at THE HOUR OF HOPE.. between 6-7PM. 

See How the LIGHT Beamed so greatly... as prayers.. travels through the LIGHT... 

"Keep Praying... Travel the Light....  GOD IS LISTENING... "/Rev. Kemi Nahal

About Rev. Kemi Nahal -
Rev. Kemi Nahal  is a  Light and a Spiritual Singer-Song Writer, Performing Artist, Composer,a Cantor, a Chanter, She is a Master Healer of different Holistic Modalities such as Reiki, Magnified Healing, Healing with the Rays of Light, Healing and communicating with the Angelic Realms & Gods' Angels, Healing with Masters and Guides, healing through Vibration and Music  and more... She has dedicated her life and her Gift of Music for  composing and channeling Healing Music .. expending the Light of GOD through music..  caring a very High purpose.. to Heal and Awaken the listener from within to the deepest part of the Listener Being..  to Open back to the Light.. to GOD.. to  heal and raise up the consciousness..  to connect and Live by the Most High GOD...
Her Music  is of the Future... yet very much connected to the ancient Ones..  as she channel & speaks Lumeria and Ancient Lakota..
Kemi is also known by one of her spiritual name - Deer-Spirit.. and Sivakemi.
She has been studding Esoteric knowledge for over 25 years..  on a Journey.. to find and know the Truth.. "To be were GOD is the Most..."/Leo   To protect the sacred places of the Earth.. to heal the Earth and bring more and more Higher Vibrations to the Earth...
Rev. Kemi Nahal leads and guides meditations for Groups and individuals.. where She Channels The  Golden  White Light of GOD   for healing and expending the Light.. and raising the  Christ Consciousness.. (see more details on Sessions and events).
Rev. Kemi  in her spiritual  gives counseling, reading and helping clear old energies/Karma and helps souls to Cross Over.
She had been studied  with one of her Gurus Siva Baba for over 4  Years. (Guru means -spiritual teacher), and is studied with Shirdi Sai Baba, Sai Baba and Amma for the last few years.                                                              One of her very influential teacher is Omram Michael Ivanohov
.She explains that we can learns form All.. Everyone can be A Teacher.. we can learn from everything and everyone... God is in each Living..  A Tree can be and is a wonderful teacher.. The Wind is a teacher.. the Ocean.. The Birds... and even you... as you read this.. has a that spark of GOD in you... and something She says she can learn from you.

Life is full of Stories and tasks.. lessons.. and growing.. Leo taught he to Never cease to GROW... and to Be and Find Who She is.. and  TO LIVE TO THE FULLEST...  TO SING HER SONG  and ALL AT SERVICE TO GOD.


LOVE  is the KEY...  LOVe is the WAY..  GOD is LOVE Jesus Taught us to LOVE Unconditionally(many time we find it challenging.. until we learn to raise above and see the other person through the Eyes Of GOD... GOD permits us to see others people struggle and pain.. then we understand.. that they were hurting too... GOd helps us to Forgive... and Let go.. GOD LOVES US...Beyond our comprehension and imagination.... TRUST IN HIM...  BELIEVE IN GOD.. HE IS THE ONLY ONE.. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.. HE IS THE ONLY GOD..

Kemi is a writer of esoteric and children book of all ages. she teaches and lectures on esoteric topics such as - Elemento Electrobix - The Aura, man and Human Mystery, Alpha Curio Bet (The meaning of letters) the natural Laws, The Bible and more...She is a single mom of two wonderful children.

She is a writer of esoteric and children book of all ages. she teaches and lectures on esoteric topics such as - - The Aura, man and Human Mystery, Alpha Curio Bet (The meaning of letters) the natural Laws, The Bible and more...She is a single mom of two wonderful children.

  On The Path Of
High Personal and Universal Develpment..
   The Divine Sends us Great Enlighted Teachers to Guide and  show Us The Way,
Leo Raymond Armin

 Meet My Most Inspiring and Beloved Spiritual Teacher Leo.  Leo's Love and devotion, his incredible and Rare  and Divine teaching  is purely breath taking and  real sublime Godly Work of Truth and Light. 
Leo taught me Most if not everything that  I know. The tools and means and ways,.. the Truth and High Roads of connections to the most high GOD and God's Ways and Kingdom..  that touches and enhanced and is In every aspect  of my life...It will take many pages to fill up the greatness and the privilege that my Life was and is blessed by having my dearest Spiritual and Guide  - Dear Leo.
Dear Leo is Always with me, He guides me and teaches me.. and Shows me How..
"If I am to retreat from darkness, so than do I need an Illuminated Way, That I may seek to do, what darkness cannot do, for in darkness I am only me,  BUT  - 

Dear Leo Lives forever...  
In Me Ay/Deer-Spirit
(Rev. Kemi Nahal)

Leo Raymond Armin  (1924-2002)           

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("Music is Theraphy"
Interviewd by Larry Carlson)
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*Stay Tuned For more  information of Kemi Nahal's Performance at the Steinway Show Room Hall coming Soon in Melville NY.

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The High Preisthood of 

Rev. Kemi Nahal was ordained by the High Priesthood of The High Order Of Melchizedek. She is Interfaith Minister conducting  and performing Ceremonies and Sings In Weddings Ceremonies, Celebrations and Funerals.
(more information about Melchizedek will be added soon)

   Jesus Christ
  Keeper Of The Silver Chalice

(more about my connection and my walk with My Lord Jesus Christ will be added soon,  
Please see the story on my page "My Walk With The Lord" - read about  this remarkable Journey as I found Jesus on the Shores Of Tel-Aviv In Israel..)

"Will You Open the Door? 
I am Calling You... I am Calling You, Through the rush of the Day.. Through the Silence of the Night.. Will You Open the Door?.. Can You hear me?..
Will you open the Door?"?Knocking On you Door"/Part of a Song Kemi Nahal Wrote to Jesus 

    Shridi Sai Baba 
          My Precious Guru,   
     Miracle Being and Guide

 (more infromation abut my Walk and connection and the Miracles I have recieved from my Loving Guru will be added soon) Sai baba is So Real.. and comes for my help and guides me at any time,, He is surely the Manifestation of the Divine Father.. A Godly Being of The Most High GOD).
Sai Ram
 (more infroamation about my Walk and connection and the Miracles I have recieved from my Loving Guru will be added soon)
Sai baba is So Real.. and comes for my help and guides me at any time,, He is surely the Manifestation of the Divine Father..
A Godly Being of The Most High GOD). 

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