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Kemi Nahal's brief bio

Rev. Kemi Nahal's Brief Bio  

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Music Manager- Gerald Goldberg  - 516-946-0652
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About The Angels Flight
Angels'-Flight started many years ago in a vision in Israel when Kemi (Deer-Spirit) walked by the grave yard mourning over a loss of very close friend, when suddenly she heard the most beautiful Heavenly voices singing... "Time stood".. her feet almost not touching the ground, she turn her head to see the music... at a distance not so far up in the sky, Angels were flying into a glowing coned tunnel of light.. the feeling were as though they were caring the souls back home... to God., The music were beyond words.. and perpetually alive in her forever. Few years later kemi manage to manifest this celestial music and released her first album also named Angels' Flight, song no 10 on this album tell the story and it is truly breath taking composition sang, composed and played by Kemi (Deer-spirit) with her band - Angels' Flight.

About Kemi Nahal-
Kemi Nahal (Deer-Spirit) is an Anointed -Spiritual singer-songwriter & a performing Artists on Long Island and the NY area for the last 20 years.
Kemi known by her spiritual name -Deer-Spirit was born in Israel to an Egyptian Jewish parents, she started her musical classical education at the age of 4 on a piano. when she reached the age of sixteen she got 'the bug' to play Jazz.. Kemi studied private lessons with professor for Jazz Tzvi Karren. Later  on while studding Jazz piano with PC Oshorovitz of studio 28, she studied Vocal training lessons both classical & contemporary for 10 years with the Bulgarian Famous Tenor  Antonio Cohanov & Judith Alexsandrovitz...
Kemi graduated the Academy of music Rimon (The Israely Berkley) in Israel. She is teaching piano & Vocal training from the age of 15th.

Kemi Nahal music is very versatile and BIG..  She has been and performing in many venues such as- Churches-Mother Mary Shrine, Saint Mark, Saint John Episcopal Oakdale, Sain Joseph Patchuguge..Little Portions Friary in Mount Sinai & more..  Synagogues- Sinai Reform  Spiritual Places, Temples (Shiridi Sai Baba's Temple in Baldwin),  Christian Chiors- Benny Hinn MInstry - Izod Center , Jesus Alive, Streets Fairs, Fund Raising for different organizations and for the US soldiers, Coffee houses, The Folk Music Society and hard Luck Coffee, Many open Mics and  featured  twice in Music From The Hives twice, Wedding & Funeral Ceremonies, TV and Radio Talk Shows ( 4 times 90.3 Nassau community collage with Larry Carlson, and other healing program on 90.3, Inner Sites, Angels, Christian Radio of Chile, her music has reached over seas to - Israel,Germany, Sweden, Australia& More


Kemi has produced and released her 11 original music CDS- 
Her Original Music CDS are as follows-
1. Angels' Flight  2.Healing Your Inner child  3.Far above the Stars  4.Missing you from far  5.Healing Stars From Within  6.Into The Gold  7.Calling You Through time   8.Baba' Joy  9.Finding you  10. You raised up my Faith 11.Shema Israel
Currently Kemi is  in the mid of recording her 3 new music CDS - Her 12th CD called 'You Didn't Leave me in The Dark" - was almost done, unfortunately couldn't be completed with her Drummer Bleu Ocean after his very sudden passing. Kemi Nahal is a great writer of Enchanted stories for all ages and of esoteric topics, she is in the mid of publishing her new 3 books.
 Kemi (Deer-Spirit) music is influenced by the middle, the far east and the west and the angelic realms - caring the message Light, Healing Wisdom and Love.
 Kemi is a Master Healer of Holistic Modalities such as  Reiki & Magnified Healing Master. she communicate & teaches Angels' communication & has an original - Quarterly News Letter called "The Angels' Flight" which can be order on line or by her p.o. box 433 Bay Shore NY 11706 .....

                                      SING YOUR SONG...  SHINE YOUR LIGHT....
       This picture was taken by Kemi Nahal on January 10th 2011(c)LI NY 

                 SEEK THE LIGHT... SEEK GOD... FIND IT WITHIN... 
                 NO MATTER WHERE YO'LL BE.../Kemi Nahal
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