The Angels' Flight / The Voice Of GOD

Mother Mary Appears..

 About 4 years ago I fell into a major scam where I lost all my money, It was a real a long nightmare that didn't seemed to end. I reached everywhere for help, all the way to the President of the US, there were None! I had the FBI on the case, Lawyers.. my credit score got ruined, I had an Identity theft.. I felt devastated, My kids and I lived for over a year with No electricity, No Heat and No running water. It caused great deal of Pain for my kids and myself. I spend a hours of praying and visited sacred places. One of the most Nourishing and uplifting place that I fell in Love with is Mother Mary Shrine called - Our Lady Of The Island, In Long Island NY. In One of the first few days that I went to pray and find comfort and help, Mother Mary appeared to me in the Spirit and Gave me 'A golden Rose' saying "God heard your prayers, All is Will Be Well"...

I felt so moved and uplifted and got creative about the Golden rose.. and started to research about the meaning of the Golden Rose.. To my surprise there was a lot of information about the Golden Rose and  different meaning.. such Romance, Comfort, Love.. Yet, None was about to do with my spiritual experience receiving a golden Rose meaning - GOD HEARD MY PRAYERS, ALL IS WELL - THE PROMISE!" 
I had other encounters with Mother Mary back in Israel and here in the US.. ( I will write more about).. For now I can only say - Mother Mary is REAL! and She does come in The Spirit.. and Appears in the Time of a Need.. or at the time when she has a Message to deliver.. The Spirit Realm.. the Higher Reals are Real and Alive.. GOD IS OMNIPRESENT.. and so is GOD'S KINGDOM AND GOD'S ANGELS AND ALL THE GREAT ONES, ALL THE GREAT MASTERS AND THE LIGHT BEINGS OF GOD.. TE UNSEEN WORLD IS REAL.. 'AND ONLY A BREATH AWAY.' AND CAN BE CONNECTED, FELT AND COMMUNICATED.. AND REACHED.. ROSES ARE A MEDIATOR, THEY CARRY OUR PRAYERS TO GOD AND TO THE HEAVENS. THINK OF THE ROSARY.. AND IT'S MYSTERY.. IT IS A WAY.. TO CONNECT TO OUR BLESSED MOTHER.. HALE MARY FULL OF GRACE...THE LORD IS WITH THEE..  one day I heard Mother Mary said - "And The Lord Is With You Too..".
Stay Tuned to read more about Mother Mary and Jesus.. appearances in my Life.. as I am being lead to Tell about.. 
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